Bin Chen

Expertise: Raman Spectroscopy
Expedition Role: Raman Spectroscopy
Affiliation: NASA Ames/SETI Institute

Dr. Bin Chen is a material scientist working at SETI institute/NASA Ames Research Center. Chen grew up in China and received her PhD at Penn State University. She has been working on characterizing carbonaceous compounds and metal oxides. Chen also applies nanomaterial coating for ultra high sensitivity surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) detection in trace biological and chemical species.

Chen has given numerous invited talks in national and international conferences related to materials research and nanotechnology. She is a frequent contributor to many peer review journals, book chapters and review articles and has been principal investigator and lead principal investigator in several programs working with government agencies such as DTRA, AFOSR, DOE, NSF and DARPA. She has successfully won several phase I competitions.

Chen has been contributing to NASA astrobiology missions such as the MARTE science mission and involved in High Lake expedition sample analysis. Her work has won Eloret Superior Performance award and NASA TIGER award. She also plays important roles in nanotechnology education and outreach programs, and serves as a co-advisor in doctoral programs at UCLA, Stanford and Penn State University.

Chen spends her leisure time hiking, biking and gardening. She wishes to travel every continent on earth, to study samples available from and analogous to planetary surfaces and subsurfaces.