Edmond A. Grin

Expertise: Planetary Geologist
Expedition Role: CO-Investigator/Geophysics
Affiliation: NASA Ames/SETI Institute

I grew up in Paris (France) at the start of WW II. My family escaped to Switzerland where I finished my study at the Swiss Federal Politechnicum as a Dr-Ing in river management for construction of a large dam. During my stay in Switzerland I practiced skiing and high mountainering which I still do now. After my study, I returned to France as a consulting engineer in river management. I was involved in work in France and other countries on rivers and became an international expert.

I traveled and explored many countries in their very various valleys to build dams for power. More often, I was an explorer in very difficult isolated landscapes in Amazonia, South Africa, South America and Indonesia in Asia. At the end of my professional duty, I returned to the University where I graduated in three masters theses in geology and mathematical geography. During my study I shifted to planetary geology focusing on Mars and its possible terrestrial analogues and to try and understand why Mars lost its water 3.5 million years ago.

So I try very hard to be in the right place to explore sites like Mars on Earth with my expertise in geology and water (hydrogeology) and my expertise as explorer and a lot of various studies. I am now very proud to be a science team member for the NASA activities on Mars and in the reasearh of the origin of life on Earth and in the Universe.