Eric Smith

Expertise: Diving, Marine Sciences, Underwater Archeology
Expedition Role: Diving Team (Dive Master)
Affiliation: Discoverer Ketty Lund Exploration vessel

Eric Wartenweiler Smith, 43, is a professional mariner and commercial diver that found a niche working in the Marine Sciences, including Underwater Archeology. His education includes Paramedic, Helicopter, and Diver medical certifications and Maritime Training Academy. This will be his first High Lakes expedition.

As a member since 1996 of the team of world-renowned underwater explorer Franck Goddio, Smith has participated in the discovery and excavation of over 25 shipwrecks and 3 sunken cities, including the site of Cleopatra’s Palace and Napoleon Bonaparte’s flagship. He remains an active member of this small elite team and has been deployed to sites around the world in the last 8 years.

Smith is also Captain of the Discoverer Ketty Lund, a classic research vessel supporting the marine sciences by helping to bring the exciting story of research on the sea to the general public using modern communication tools. This project is also sponsored in part by Wings WorldQuest, a sponsor of the Highlakes Expedition.

Discoverer Ketty Lund and crew have appeared in several documentary TV specials. Working out of his homeport of Key West Florida with his wife, artist and designer Teresa Willis, Smiths passion remains to share the beauty and excitement of exploration on the sea. For more information, please visit