Guillermo Chong

Expertise: Geology
Expedition Role: Geology of the Andes
Affiliation: Universidad Católica del Norte

My name is Guillermo Chong Díaz and I am a Geologist. I studied Geology as a profession for my career. Later on, very short after I started my career, I understood that Geology offers many possibilities to understand, through research, and through many aspects of the papers we write in the Universidad. I also realized then that Science was the best way to improve my vision of the world in which I am living and to be able to contribute to improving the knowledge of many people.

Between 1966 up to 1974 I worked as geologist and Head Geologist in the Instituto de Investigaciones Geológicas (Chilean Geological Survey) in Antofagasta, northern Chile. From 1974 to current I am the Professor (Profesor Titular) in the Departamento de Ciencias Geológicas, Universidad Católica del Norte, Antofagasta, Chile. I am also the consultant for Chilean and international Mining Companies. Finally I am also the Director of the University Geological Museum. I studied at the Universidad de Chile to get the title of Geologist. Later in Technische Universität Berlin to get my Ph.D.

I am Chilean and married with a wife, 4 Children and 2 grandchildren. I enjoy movies, especially those related to Nature and soccer.