The mascots explorers are back to Licancabur. They already made very exciting discoveries. GB, Bongo and Leo together with Mimi and Pilou are at the Refuge ready for new adventures.

November 4th: Leo reporting from the field

Gone fishing...

After arriving at the refuge, it was time for us to start the scientific work. Our first activity was to go to Laguna Blanca, very close to where we are staying, to see what is living there. We first spotted flamingoes, beautiful pink tall birds that live in the Lagunas of the Altiplano. After observing them for a few minutes, we saw that they seemed to be eating something in the water. Bongo, always interested in food, wondered what they were they eating.

GB, Bongo walks into the water with a bottle, to fill it and have a better chance to see what is in the water. Mimi helps him from the shore.

At the refuge, we discovered tiny animals swimming in the water. They looked like tiny shrimps, but they were brown and red. Mimi was the most interested to know what they taste like.

We decided to communicate to the entire world what we found! We started typing our notes on the computer and connected our satellite phone to send photos and all our observations.