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Photos courtesy of Henry Bortman unless otherwise noted.

November 26th, 2006

Summit of Licancabur Volcano

Photos for Nov 26 courtesy of Cristian Tambley. For a detailed and exciting description of diving at the summit, read The Captain's Log #4 "Journey Inside the Emerald" by Nathalie Cabrol.

Panorama of tents at the Summit Camp

  Left: Nathalie carries plankton net for collecting samples from Summit Lake. Right: Floats used by the divers to attach lines and equipment.

  Left: Rob (foreground) breathes medical oxygen after the dive. Right: Cristian and Matthieu examine rebreathers after removal as Clay looks on.

  Left: The path to the summit. Right: Team members on the shore of Summit lake. Note floats for divers on the lake.

Tents at Camp 1

Captain's Log

October 31, 2006

I did not think I would start writing so soon upon arrival...

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