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Photos courtesy of Henry Bortman unless otherwise noted.

November 4, 2006

Here we are at the saddle of Juriques. Back row (from left): Henry, Matthieu, Nathalie, Edmond, Cristian, Macario. Front row (from left): Clay, Eric, Rob, Aurelio, Bernabé, Martín.


Left: Juriques (l) and Licancabur. Licancabur is the taller of the two volcanos. Juriques appears taller because it is closer. Right: Cristian, our Chilean logistics coordinator, making one of his endless lists, while waiting for our ascent of Juriques to begin.


Left: We start off on our hike up Juriques, pursued by a cloud that we suspect is actually an alien spaceship. Laguna Verde is in the background. Right: Rob (l), Matthieu and Clay have a chat during one of our rest stops.


Left: This gives a good idea of the kind of terrain we were hiking on: volcanic rubble. Right: In places, Macario, another of our Bolivian colleagues, would remove unstable rocks from the path.


Left: From halfway up Juriques, we had a great view of Cerro Amarillo (Yellow Mountain). Right: Going down was a lot easier. At times, when we were descending through loose gravel, it was like cross-country skiing.


Left: Here's what the spaceship cloud looked like at sunset. Right: And here's what it looked like at around 1:00 am, lit by moonlight. The bright star in the upper right is Canopus. The two dim stars just below and to the left of the cloud are Betelgeuse and Bellatrix, part of the Orion constellation.

Bernabé, one of our Bolivian colleagues, admiring the scenery, with Licancabur in the background. He hiked Juriques in sandals!

Captain's Log

October 31, 2006

I did not think I would start writing so soon upon arrival...

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